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Top Five Reasons To Select VoIP over Landline Service!

The VoIP technology has now been on the US market for close to 10 years. In that time period, good 'ol capitalism at work has created a variety of VoIP service providers, all anxious to offer you more bang for your buck. In order to win your dollar away from the traditional telephone companies, [...]

Top Five Ways That VoIP Can Save You Money

As of July 2009, US unemployment rates reached a frightening 9.7%. Most people have close family and friends who have been laid off as a result of the economic crisis, even if they have not experienced it themselves. Cautious consumers are focusing on ways to put more money in the bank, and are [...]

Learn about VoIP Features

One of the primary concerns that consumers indicate when considering switching to VoIP service is that it lacks the features and/or convenience of their standard telephone line. While this may have been true for the earliest VoIP services offered, competition among providers has resulted in a [...]

VoIP Technology

Although it sounds like the name of an alien race you might expect to encounter on the set of a Star Trek film, VoIP is merely an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is simple, user-friendly technology that is remarkably mundane, while simultaneously causing consumers to wonder if sci [...]

VoIP: A Birthing Story

Humble Beginnings

In the 1970s, most people hadn't heard of computers. By the 1980s, everyone had heard of them, massive giant calculating machines of complicated systems that took up an entire room. In the 1990s, computers were beginning to be a [...]

VoIP to Landline Comparison Chart

Okay, so you're on the fence about whether or not you want a Brave New World of VoIP telephone service, or if you'd like to stick with your tried and true (albeit frustrating and expensive) world of traditional landline phone service. Below we've tried to compile a table that compares [...]

Can My Grandma use VoIP?

Have you ever avoided something you thought would be painful, time consuming or complex, only to finally do it and realize "that's what the fuss was all about?" Utilizing VoIP providers like Vonage as your primary phone service will not only save you time and money in the end, it is [...]

Vonage World Plan: Blowing Away the Competition

Calling overseas has historically been a prohibitively expensive activity. Of course, as technology has gradually improved, the price has gone down considerably. The advent of the internet marked the steepest drop in prices, once internet companies and start-up international calling card [...]

VoIP and Emergency Services

One of the most perplexing problems facing VoIP providers from the very beginning was how to integrate the VoIP system technology with emergency service providers. With traditional landline service, your telephone number is linked to your address in each municipal system. When a 911 call is [...]

How Can I Reduce My Phone Bill?

One of the primary ways to reduce your monthly cash outflow is to find ways to save on your phone bill. Telecommunications can be responsible for a huge chunk of your monthly bill, and finding ways to reduce that cost can have unexpectedly large returns.

The first step is to list all of the [...]