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Can My Grandma use VoIP?

Have you ever avoided something you thought would be painful, time consuming or complex, only to finally do it and realize "that's what the fuss was all about?" Utilizing VoIP providers like Vonage as your primary phone service will not only save you time and money in the end, it is amazingly more convenient, and offers fabulous features and perks. Given that VoIP is obviously the better option of a technologically enlightened age, the same thing holds people back that has always held people back from time immemorial, fear of the unknown.

Just to make a few things clear, VoIP phone service is not difficult to set up, and is extremely easy to use. Regardless of age of vocation, anyone can use VoIP. In fact, one of the most common misconceptions is that VoIP can only be used by the computer savvy, and is therefore off-limits to most grandmas and baby boomers. Well that's just not true. You can use VoIP service without ever even touching a computer if you can get someone who cares about you to spend the initial 20 minutes setting it up. And if you are a grandma, chances are you have greater need of a VoIP service than most, due to the fact that you will probably have kids and grandkids that you currently call at expensive, traditional long-distance phone rates. VoIP telephone providers now offer an incredible variety of services and packages, so if you only want to use a standard phone handset, well then go ahead! The bottom line is, if you are interested in the significant savings and special features that VoIP service can offer you, don't let anything hold you back.

Select the VoIP service provider you feel best meets your needs

Indicate whether or not you wish to keep your old phone number, or want a new one.

Make an online account with a username and password to pay bills and set preferences.
Plug one end of the adapter your VoIP service provider sends you into your phone and plug the other end into your computer.

Learn how to check your voicemail and see what messages you have
Enjoy spending all the time you want on the phone with your friends and family!

And remember, if at any point in the process you are unsure how to proceed, the customer service phone numbers are always easy to find for each VoIP provider, and an expert can walk you through it. It really is extremely simple, so another solution could be to have your 10 year old grandson help get things rolling. Remember, switching from standard telephone service to a VoIP provider is not only S.I.M.P.L.E, it will save you so much money you will spend hours on your new free long distance telling everyone you know about it.

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