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Top Five Reasons To Select VoIP over Landline Service!

The VoIP technology has now been on the US market for close to 10 years. In that time period, good 'ol capitalism at work has created a variety of VoIP service providers, all anxious to offer you more bang for your buck. In order to win your dollar away from the traditional telephone companies, VoIP providers offer increased services and convenience at decreased prices. In addition, the rapid growth of the technology behind VoIP, the software refinements and the continuous fine-tuning that is part of any developmental process means that your service will only get better and better.

#1 Because it has Super-Nifty Features:
You don't have to be a tech nerd to appreciate all the fabulous features that VoIP service offers a consumer. First of all to clear up a common misconception, yes, you get all the same features like call waiting, caller ID and Voicemail that you get with a standard landline, but you also have the option for so much more! Essentially, the internet basis of VoIP technology allows VoIP providers to offer a multiplicity of services and rates substantially lower than traditional phone companies. For example, you can have your voicemails appear as emails, or texts, and save them indefinitely. You can also set up specialized call blocking and screening mechanisms, pay small fees for virtual numbers, and have call forwarding active to as many as 5 different phone numbers. These are just some of the unique features available either as part of a VoIP service package, or as an extra add-on available for a small, highly competitive fee.

#2 To Save the Big Bucks
VoIP service providers offer a wide-range of paid plans that bring with them a multitude of services and features. (See VoIP Features article). However, there are also free VoIP providers, which do not have the same level of quality, service, or features, but have that distinct advantage of being, well, free. Using VoIP can completely eliminate long-distance and international calling cost for both you and the people that call you. VoIP allows you to utilize the internet connection you are already paying for to save big on the telephone service you shouldn't be paying as much for. Or at all.

#3 VoIP is Easy and Convenient to Use
In the past, consumers have shied away from using VoIP because they are comfortable with their old way of doing things, and they frankly like holding a phone to their ear and wandering the house while they chat. With the rapidly advancing VoIP technology, today VoIP hardware and software can use the exact same analog phone that you already know and love! All you have to do is purchase the requisite interface device, either from a local store or your VoIP provider, plug it in and you're ready to go! If and when you wish to upgrade to the more technologically advanced IP phone or other VoIP device, you can do so easily within the same system they already have set up.

#4 It Simplifies Transfers and Relocations

Moving your entire household to a new location is complicated and exhausting enough of a process without dealing with telephone company drama. Often, your standard phone company will assess high fees for termination of service, in addition to convoluted connection and disconnection processes, most of which leave you helplessly dependent on the schedule and availability of their paid labor. VoIP allows you to relocate as often as you want without the slightest interruption in your phone service, no change in telephone number, and no drama!

#5 VoIP Gives the Consumer Options:
Simply due to its nature, VoIP can offer features that simply cannot be had via traditional landline service. First of all, when selecting your plan from the VoIP provider, you have a variety to choose from, and can opt for one that best fits your personal needs. You don't have to pay for any extra services you don't want or need, but also have the option to incorporate unique VoIP only features. In addition, you don't have to worry about any surprise fees or costs in your bill, and they have no ability to arbitrarily raise the cost of your service. VoIP providers also know that if at any time you are dissatisfied with your service, you can simply switch to a different provider, and that healthy competition leaves you with a lot of options, and them with a healthy customer service mindset.

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