Balloons could Provide Cell Service for Hurricane Victims

After Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc throughout Puerto Rico, the government has been struggling to reestablish communication services. With nearly 83% of cell sites unusable, wireless companies are doing what they can to set up temporary sites. In order to help with this problem, one company has offered to deploy high tech balloons.

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Running to Keep Up with Technology?

For many, preparing for a run includes more than just slipping into polyester/spandex clothes and lacing up the old “tennies.” My personal routine includes strapping on a music player, headphones, GPS watch, and a foot pod in case I trek into some trees and lose satellite tracking. On the road I see others with armbands holding their smartphone, speaking into the in-line mic in their headphone cord. I look at them and think, ‘Just leave the phone at home and enjoy the run!’

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Why are Millennials Obsessed with Smartphones?

Unlike previous generations, millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips. From flat screens to touch screens, iPads to iPhones, and everything going digital, it’s no wonder they use technology like it’s always been a part of life. With the huge variety of devices to choose from, why do they like smartphones the most? Here are 5 good reasons smartphones are their prefered device.

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The Safe Way to Shop Online

In the past decade, online shopping has become more and more popular, encouraging shoppers to find the very best deals they can.  As more shoppers turn to the web for deals, more scammers turn to online shopping for a way to make an easy buck. Internet scams are increasing in sophistication, so you need to do more to protect yourself and your money. Here are simple steps you can take to shop online safely.

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Star Wars Holograms Are Now Possible

If you’ve seen the original Star Wars trilogy, you know the famous scene of Princess Leia as a hologram. In it, she pleads for help from Obi Wan Kenobi. This scene came out in 1977 and it excited Star Wars fans and techno geeks alike. Now, in 2017, could this technology really be possible?

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You Kid’s Android Phone could be Controlled Remotely

If you have a kid with a smartphone, do you worry about what they’re looking at online, where they go with their friends, or the kind of texts they’re sending? As a parent it’s hard to know where to draw the line between freedom and protection. Technology is essential for school and social networking these days, which is why Google has come up with a way to help parents keep their kids safe with their electronic devices.

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Tips for Freeing Up Storage Space on your Xbox One

The Xbox One comes with a 500GB hard drive, which is fairly large, but games are also getting much larger. For example, even with a physical disc, Halo: the Master Chief collection takes up at least 62GB. With games this large, finding ways to free up more space is as important as ever.

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Can Computer Vision keep you Less Distracted in the Car?

When you’re driving, do you find yourself distracted by other drivers, cell phones or passengers? How many accidents are caused every year by these types of distractions? What if you car could be equipped with something that could limited your distractibility? A new type of technology is in the works that could do just this.

A new system called eyeSight has been developed that uses computer vision to detect eye movement that indicated drowsiness or distractedness in the driver. An infrared camera can track the driver’s eyes and instantly analyze it to see if the driver is not paying attention to the road.

If distraction or drowsiness is detected, the car will alert the driver and use the car’s safety systems to adjust as needed. This could include altering the cruise control to increase or decrease the distance between the car ahead. Although it can’t detect everything, it could be helpful in a number of cases.

IBM wants to put Information on One Single Atom

The race for smaller, faster and more intelligent technology is endless, pushing scientists and designers to constantly push the envelope. One of these racers, IBM, has just taken a huge step forward in their ability to store information. They are working on a way to store data on a single atom.

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A New and Improved Siri on the iPhone?

When Siri first arrived, she was new, surprising and fascinating. She was an incredible tool and toy for grown ups and kids alike. Now that she’s been around for a while, have we seen all her capabilities? Does Siri have any new tricks up her sleeve in the future?

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