Are Smartphone Users Smart?

If you look around these days, just about everyone has a smart phone in their hand. They are using it to make calls, texts, check their email, stay up to date on social media sites, and find a restaurant they’ve never been to before. We can’t imagine what life was like before we had these small magical devices that could tell us anything we want, any time of day. But are smartphones really making us smarter, or more dumb?

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Could Tattoos Someday Replace Smartphones?

It may seem like science fiction to think of a permanent tattoo being able to replace your smartphone, but what if it were true? Can you imagine getting a tattoo embedded on your skin that can interact with you the way a smartphone does? This is a new type of innovation that is being developed as we speak.

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Smartphones Responsible for Most Online Purchases

Since the onset of online shopping, consumers have loved the convenience of being able to order something on their computer and have it shipped directly to their house. You can get what you want without ever taking off your pajamas, driving to the store, fighting crowds, or using gas. Online sales are as strong as ever, but computers are no longer responsible for the majority of these purchases. Smartphones are now the number one way people purchase items online.

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