High Tech Use for Shipping Containers

Reusing and Recycling is all the rage these days. Bags are being made from recycled plastic bottles, tables are created from wood scraps, and old jeans can be turned into purses. These are great ways to avoid creating more waste, but what about reusing things on a large scale. What if you could convert a large shipping container into a mobile tech lab?

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Tesla’s Building a HUGE Gigafactory

If you’ve been listening to the news, you’ve probably heard about the recent push for electric vehicles. Leading this drive is Tesla with their recent release of their most economically priced vehicle to date. This announcement lead customers to pre order these vehicles to capacity, pushing Tesla to find ways to increase their production. Their answer to this demand is the construction of a huge gigafactory located in the Nevada desert.

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The Union of Apple TV and Lightroom

Not too long ago, Adobe’s Creative Cloud began allowing users cross-platform access to all of their files, but now they’re doing something even more exciting. In July of 2016 they announced the release of a Lightroom Apple TV app that will allow users to share their images on their TV.

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