5 Things Customers Look For in Mobile Retailers

Closeup of woman with shopping cart and shopping list in smartphone in hand

In the past, when you wanted to purchase something, you would go to a store and find the item you wanted. If you didn’t find it at the first store, you would go to other stores until you found it. When the internet came about, online shopping soon became a huge business for many retail stores. Things have changed once again with the introduction and massive spread of smartphones. Mobile shopping is changing the way consumers shop and interact with stores. Mobile-related searches have increased 120% in the last year, leaving retailers with news ways to connect with their shoppers in real time. Here are 5 ways consumers are connecting more with the stores they visit.

Keep It Local

Consumers are quite interested in finding stores closer to home. Google searches for stores “near me” have more than doubled year after year, indicating that customers don’t want to travel far to find what they want.

From Phone to Store

With the prevalence of cell smartphones, many companies are realizing that their customers will begin the shopping process on their phones before heading to the store. If these companies want to encourage customers to enter their doors, they need to reach them on their phones.

Repeat Customer

Once an individual finds a brand or store they like, they often times go back for repeated purchases. In fact, those who shop with a specific retailer, both online and in the store, buy an average of 250% more than those who don’t. This encourages stores to find a way to build customer loyalty.

In Stock Inventory

Just because a store carries a particular item doesn’t mean it is always in stock. An estimated 25% of shoppers won’t visit a store unless they know the item they want is definitely in stock. If a retailer can provide real time in stock information for customers, it can seriously increase their sales.

Research and Reviews

It’s not uncommon to see someone in a store looking at online reviews of a product before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Providing easier ways for customers to look up product reviews gives customers the added information they really want before making a purchase. Some companies are providing this service with scan-able products.


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