6 Android Shortcuts You Don’t Know About

Mobile phone on a white background

Life is busy, so finding shortcuts to save you time is always a good thing. Whether you want to send a text, make a call, take a picture, browse the web, or look up a contact, these android shortcuts will make things a little bit easier.

Instant Camera Launch: Open up your camera with one simple button. Double tap the power button while your phone is asleep (Android 6.0), or twist the phone in your hand twice (Motorola).

Quick App Search: Find all the apps you need with one touch. From the home screen, press and hold the app drawer icon.

Caller Quick Response: Send quick pre-selected responses when you don’t have a lot of time. Swipe up on the incoming screen and choose your desired response from the pre-set selections.

Smart Lock: When the right circumstances are met (in your car, at home), your phone will remain unlocked. Enable this by going to the Settings > Security menu, then set a secured Screen Lock. Now you can enable Smart Lock in the Security menu.

Contact Widgets: Text or call a contact using just one tap. Press and hold on the home screen, then click on the “widgets” icon. Scroll down to “contacts” and select Direct Message or Direct Dial, then choose your desired contact.

OK Google Voice Commands: You can use voice commands to ask Google any question you’d like. Enable “OK Google detection” from any screen by going to the Google Now app, swipe or long press the home button, go to the menu and choose “settings.” From here click “voice,” then “OK Google detection.”


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