A Perfect Vonage Gift

Summer has once more flown by and school starts up again in just a few weeks. For many families this means their children are leaving once again to their far from home universities. But this year, it’s possible to stay in touch with you family and not spend a ton of money!

Many parents are buying their kids the Vonage V-Phone, a phone that fits on your keychain and plugs into the USB drive on any computer. What it does, is turn any computer into a fully operational Vonage phone. Since most kids take laptops or desktops to school every year, parents are raving about the V-Phone. Now it’s possible for everyone to more conveniently enjoy Vonage rates.

Your kids can plug it into the laptop in their dorm room and have access to Vonage service. The V-Phone turns any computer into a fully operational Vonage station! This works with any computer that has access to a high speed internet connection.

Right now the Vonage V-Phone only costs $39.99. At a price this low, it will quickly become an investment! Don’t pay long distance bills any longer.

On top of all that, the V-Phone comes with 250MB of memory, perfect for holding MP3s, digital photos, or important term papers etc. Not only is it a phone, but an important tool in helping the average college student stay organized.

(This V-Phone price is no longer valid)

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