Amazon is now Making Deliveries with a Drone

delivery drone with a package in the sky

It’s no secret that Amazon is a huge part of the world wide economy. They deliver just about anything to anywhere in the world. Now they are introducing a new aspect of the delivery process. Amazon delivered their first package in the UK with the help of a drone.

Within 13 minutes of being ordered, the package arrived safely in Cambridge. As it currently stands, the Cambridge fulfilment center is where they house their drones. From there, the drones travel along an automated track and then launch. They can carry items that weight up to 5 pounds, and use GPS to find their destination.

These deliveries are made using Amazon Air and can be delivered within 30 minutes. For safety reasons, they are only allowed to operate during daylight hours when their is no wind, rain, or low visibility. For, now Cambridge is the only location to offer this service, but who knows know what might happen in the future.


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