Are Smartphone Users Smart?


If you look around these days, just about everyone has a smart phone in their hand. They are using it to make calls, texts, check their email, stay up to date on social media sites, and find a restaurant they’ve never been to before. We can’t imagine what life was like before we had these small magical devices that could tell us anything we want, any time of day. But are smartphones really making us smarter, or more dumb?

A recent study looked at the relationship between smartphones, and our ability to delay gratification. Are smartphones creating a new generation of people who have less self control over their lives?

The study involved 91 undergraduate students, some questionnaires and cognitive testing. The test subjects would evaluated on how much time they used their phones, and their ability to delay gratification. The results showed that those who habitually checked their mobile devices were less likely to delay gratification. It’s as if constant instant gratification on their phones trained their brains to need it more and more. The amount of time an individual spent on their phone was directly related to impatience and impulsiveness.

So, if you want to be smart, patient and have the ability to delay gratification, you might want to limit the amount of time you spend on your smartphone.

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