Are Smartwatches going to Bury Rolex?


When you hear the name Rolex, what comes to mind? I think of high powered businessmen on wall street, fancy suits, and people at the top of the socioeconomic food chain. The Rolex company was founded in London in 1905 and has been known for some of the world’s best watches ever since. Now that smartwatches are making their way into the market, can Rolex survive?

Experts don’t think luxury watches will ever fully go away, but smartwatches are expected take away some of Rolex’s clientele. Older customers may still be happy with classic analog watches, but younger generations are more interested in the latest technology.

The least expensive Rolex watches will cost you at least $2,700. This is a lot to pay for a watch with limited technology. As companies like Apple continue to make smartwatches that are more sleek in design, often times with leather bands, Rolex watches may become less desirable. Even the most stylish smartwatches cost more than $1,000 less than the basic Rolex watch.

In the end, it all comes down to preference. Some will always prefer a Rolex, while other may give new technology a try. Either way, find the watch you love and wear it proud.

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