Tips for Freeing Up Storage Space on your Xbox One

The Xbox One comes with a 500GB hard drive, which is fairly large, but games are also getting much larger. For example, even with a physical disc, Halo: the Master Chief collection takes up at least 62GB. With games this large, finding ways to free up more space is as important as ever.

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Can Computer Vision keep you Less Distracted in the Car?

When you’re driving, do you find yourself distracted by other drivers, cell phones or passengers? How many accidents are caused every year by these types of distractions? What if you car could be equipped with something that could limited your distractibility? A new type of technology is in the works that could do just this.

A new system called eyeSight has been developed that uses computer vision to detect eye movement that indicated drowsiness or distractedness in the driver. An infrared camera can track the driver’s eyes and instantly analyze it to see if the driver is not paying attention to the road.

If distraction or drowsiness is detected, the car will alert the driver and use the car’s safety systems to adjust as needed. This could include altering the cruise control to increase or decrease the distance between the car ahead. Although it can’t detect everything, it could be helpful in a number of cases.

IBM wants to put Information on One Single Atom

The race for smaller, faster and more intelligent technology is endless, pushing scientists and designers to constantly push the envelope. One of these racers, IBM, has just taken a huge step forward in their ability to store information. They are working on a way to store data on a single atom.

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A New and Improved Siri on the iPhone?

When Siri first arrived, she was new, surprising and fascinating. She was an incredible tool and toy for grown ups and kids alike. Now that she’s been around for a while, have we seen all her capabilities? Does Siri have any new tricks up her sleeve in the future?

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Are Smartwatches going to Bury Rolex?

When you hear the name Rolex, what comes to mind? I think of high powered businessmen on wall street, fancy suits, and people at the top of the socioeconomic food chain. The Rolex company was founded in London in 1905 and has been known for some of the world’s best watches ever since. Now that smartwatches are making their way into the market, can Rolex survive?

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Top 10 FREE Vonage Features

  1. Voicemail Plus

It is now possible to check your voice messages without even being near your phone. You can use your Vonage Web account to access and listen to all your messages through your computer. You can also enable e-mail notifications letting you know when you have received a new message with the message attached. You can save your messages to your computer or e-mail them to friends and business associates

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5 Things Customers Look For in Mobile Retailers

In the past, when you wanted to purchase something, you would go to a store and find the item you wanted. If you didn’t find it at the first store, you would go to other stores until you found it. When the internet came about, online shopping soon became a huge business for many retail stores. Things have changed once again with the introduction and massive spread of smartphones. Mobile shopping is changing the way consumers shop and interact with stores. Mobile-related searches have increased 120% in the last year, leaving retailers with news ways to connect with their shoppers in real time. Here are 5 ways consumers are connecting more with the stores they visit.

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Can Tiny Sensors on your Skin Detect Sweat?

Doctors are always looking for new ways to assess your health, and now they have one more tool at their disposal. Scientists have created tiny adhesive sensors that attach to your skin. These sensors can diagnose your bodily sweat. This information can then be sent directly to your smartphone. You might be asking what does sweat have to do with the overall health of a person? The answer may surprise you.

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6 Android Shortcuts You Don’t Know About

Life is busy, so finding shortcuts to save you time is always a good thing. Whether you want to send a text, make a call, take a picture, browse the web, or look up a contact, these android shortcuts will make things a little bit easier.

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What Skills did Robots Learn in 2016?

Robots used to be a thing of the future, something we could only dream about, but those days are past. Robots are now everywhere, and being used for all sorts of things. During last year some new developments surfaced, making robots even more exciting and useful than ever. Here are a handful of incredible skills robots learned in 2016.

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