Call Mexico and Latin America Plan

UPDATE (International call plans are now included in the Vonage World Plan)

As mentioned before, the new international calling plans are now available! We have already given a brief overview of these plans. Now we’re going to put them in detail for you.

These plans are added on top of a residential unlimited plan or a business unlimited plan.

The Call Mexico and Latin America Plan costs an additional $15/month on top of which ever unlimited plan you are currently using. In other words, the total cost of the Call Mexico and Latin America Plan would be as follows.

- with the Unlimited Residential Plan – $39.99/month

- with the Unlimited Business Plan – $64.99/month

So now let’s talk about exactly which parts of the world you can call with this plan. Here’s the list . . .

- Argentina

- Brazil

- Chile

- Colombia – Barranquilla

- Colombia – Bogota

- Colombia – Cali

- Colombia – Medellin

- Mexico – Acapulco

- Mexico – Cancun

- Mexico – Chihuahau

- Mexico – Ciudad Juarez

- Mexico – Guadalajara

- Mexico – Leon

- Mexico – Merida

- Mexico – Mexico City

- Mexico – Monterrey

- Mexico – Puebla

- Mexico – San Luis Potosi

- Mexico – Tijuana

- Panama

- Panama – Panama City

- Peru – Lima

- Venezuela

So there you have it. For only $39.99/month residential plan or $49.99/month business plan, you can enjoy unlimited calling to all of the above mentioned places. Call your far away loved ones or make international business calls for one low fixed rate. The Call Mexico and Latin America plan is surely one of the best ideas to hit the telephone industry since VoIP itself was invented.

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