Can Computer Vision keep you Less Distracted in the Car?

Young woman texting and driving seated on a car seat fastened with a seatbelt isolated on white background

When you’re driving, do you find yourself distracted by other drivers, cell phones or passengers? How many accidents are caused every year by these types of distractions? What if you car could be equipped with something that could limited your distractibility? A new type of technology is in the works that could do just this.

A new system called eyeSight has been developed that uses computer vision to detect eye movement that indicated drowsiness or distractedness in the driver. An infrared camera can track the driver’s eyes and instantly analyze it to see if the driver is not paying attention to the road.

If distraction or drowsiness is detected, the car will alert the driver and use the car’s safety systems to adjust as needed. This could include altering the cruise control to increase or decrease the distance between the car ahead. Although it can’t detect everything, it could be helpful in a number of cases.

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