Can Tiny Sensors on your Skin Detect Sweat?


Doctors are always looking for new ways to assess your health, and now they have one more tool at their disposal. Scientists have created tiny adhesive sensors that attach to your skin. These sensors can diagnose your bodily sweat. This information can then be sent directly to your smartphone. You might be asking what does sweat have to do with the overall health of a person? The answer may surprise you.

Sweat is a complicated chemical that contains all sorts of molecules. Some of these are basic ions while others are complex proteins. These chemicals give an indication as to what’s going on inside the body, including diagnosing certain diseases. Unlike blood, sweat can be easily collected and used for all sorts of things, without any invasive procedures.

These chemical sensors are approximately the size of a quarter, made with soft flexible silicone, and stick easily to skin. Visible color changes on the sensor let doctors and scientists know which chemicals are in the sweat. The electronics inside the sensor do not require a battery, but still can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone. The sweat can be analyzed in real time.

Doctors are hoping to someday use this technology to help with diabetes patients. They also hope this research could someday be used for other bodily fluids like saliva and tears.

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