Smartphones Helping in the Fight Against Cancer

If you’re like most people in the world, you use your smartphone to send texts, make calls, check your email, look up movie times, or navigate your way to a new restaurant. What if I told you that your smartphone could be used to help diagnose cancer?

According to FirstPost, smartphones have the ability to become microscopes that can possibly detect certain types of skin cancer. Although normal telescopes are preferred, a smartphone microscope has been found to be fairly accurate in detecting cancer, especially in developing countries. In remote areas where no telescopes are available, smartphone microscopes could photograph the growths, then forward them on for more extensive examination.

When a traditional light microscope was compared to a smartphone microscope, the smartphone microscope was able to detect 90% of the non-melanoma skin cancers. This number, although not 100%, is quite impressive. The smartphone microscope was also able to detect 60% of the melanomas. These figures give hope for better diagnosis and treatment for cancer all around the world.

Talk off-the-grid with this Smartphone Device

Have you ever been hiking in a remote area and lost cell phone service? Did you ever drive across Texas or  Northern Montana and lose cell phone reception for hours? Can you think of the last time you were in an underground nightclub or subway and couldn’t get any bars on your phone? If any of these sound familiar, a new device is on the market that could solve this problem.

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iPhone Battery Life Myth Put To Rest

You may have heard the following rumor floating around about the battery life of an iPhone: If you want to preserve the battery life of your iPhone, don’t leave unnecessary apps running in the background. This will definitely drain your battery at a faster rate. Although you may have heard it several times, is it really true?

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JobSnap Links Teens with Potential Employers

If you’re part of Generation Z, you’ve spent your life surrounded by technology. You grew up in a world where flat screens, apps, and touch screens were the norm. You didn’t look up information using an encyclopedia, you googled it on your smartphone. Why would looking for jobs be any different. A new app is gaining popularity among teens who are looking for a job.

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Tech Industry Takes On The FBI

In December, 2015, 14 people died and 20 were wounded when armed gunmen went on a shooting spree at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Following the attack, an iPhone was recovered that authorities believe could lead to more information regarding the shooting, and possibly even future shootings. The FBI has asked Apple to allow them to break into this particular iPhone with the hopes of recovering helpful information, but Apple is refusing to budge.

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