Would you like a Smart Jacket for Commuting?

In the era of smartphones, smart watches, smart glasses and smart tv’s, what other products can be created with this type of technology? What about clothing items such as jackets and pants? Google has just announced they are collaborating with Levi’s to create a “connected” smart jacket that has several smartphone capabilities.

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Could Tattoos Someday Replace Smartphones?

It may seem like science fiction to think of a permanent tattoo being able to replace your smartphone, but what if it were true? Can you imagine getting a tattoo embedded on your skin that can interact with you the way a smartphone does? This is a new type of innovation that is being developed as we speak.

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Adobe Creates A Smart Shopping Bag

A good percentage of the world is in the possession of a smartphone, but what about a smart bag? What if you could bring the intelligence of eCommerce to traditional retail stores. This is what Adobe had in mind when they created their smart bag which functions like a virtual shopping cart you can carry around in a brick and mortar store.

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Ditch your Card for a Smartphone at New ATMs

If you look around, smartphones are everywhere, and are being used in countless different ways. One of the new ways your smartphone can be used is to make bank transactions. Several banks, including Bank of America, are introducing ATMs that can be accessed through a smartphone.

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Nike Creates A Self-Tying Shoe

If you’ve seen Back to the Future 2, you know Marty McFly had shoes that tightened on their own. This may have seen like something in the far distant future, but according to Nike, that future is now. Just this week Nike introduced their own version of a sneaker that tightens on its own.

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Talk off-the-grid with this Smartphone Device

Have you ever been hiking in a remote area and lost cell phone service? Did you ever drive across Texas or  Northern Montana and lose cell phone reception for hours? Can you think of the last time you were in an underground nightclub or subway and couldn’t get any bars on your phone? If any of these sound familiar, a new device is on the market that could solve this problem.

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Tech Industry Takes On The FBI

In December, 2015, 14 people died and 20 were wounded when armed gunmen went on a shooting spree at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Following the attack, an iPhone was recovered that authorities believe could lead to more information regarding the shooting, and possibly even future shootings. The FBI has asked Apple to allow them to break into this particular iPhone with the hopes of recovering helpful information, but Apple is refusing to budge.

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