Cheap Smartphones: Better Than You Might Expect


If you’re like some people, only the most expensive smartphones will do. Buying anything less than the most recent full priced smartphone is simply not acceptable. Although this guarantees the most up to date technology, is it really worth the huge price tag?

As technology has increased, the quality of smartphones at every level has also increased. Mid-priced smartphones are actually much better than most people think. Most include powerful quad-core CPUs, good design, and sharp displays. With regards to space for a second SIM card or replaceable batteries, the smartphones on the lower end are actually better than high end phones like the iPhone which cost 5 times as much.

The place where smartphones differ is usually in the camera department. Upper end phones usually have better cameras, but all smartphone cameras work fine for outdoor snapshots. Lower end phones may also have less satisfactory color reproduction and slight image distortion when tilted. Because of this, do a tilt test before purchasing a lower end phone.

The quad-core processors of lower end phones run smoothly with the Windows 10 and Android operating systems. They only have performance problems when it comes to games. Occasionally, cheap smartphones struggle with the WiFi module, but not all the time.

At the end of the day, if you want a decent smartphone, select one in the mid to high price range. The really low priced smartphones are not worth your money, and you’d be better off with a traditional cell phone. If you don’t need a great camera, mid priced smartphones are generally a good deal for your money.


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