Could Tattoos Someday Replace Smartphones?


It may seem like science fiction to think of a permanent tattoo being able to replace your smartphone, but what if it were true? Can you imagine getting a tattoo embedded on your skin that can interact with you the way a smartphone does? This is a new type of innovation that is being developed as we speak.

Earlier this month, Japanese scientists shared a super flexible electronic skin they refer to as “e-skin” that’s made from organic compounds. These compounds are able to withstand degradation usually caused by contact with oxygen. This skin is directly laminated on the surface of your skins, and allows a screen to appear directly on your skin. Even though smartphones and other devices are getting smaller, they still need to be carried. This e-skin would eliminate the need to carry anything, leaving you hands free.

In addition to using this device for information and communication distribution, creators of this technology hope it will allow individuals to better monitor their health by monitoring the amount of oxygen in their blood. It may also be able to sense emotions or stress levels of the user.

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