IBM wants to put Information on One Single Atom

Student pretty girl in empty room touching atom molecule

The race for smaller, faster and more intelligent technology is endless, pushing scientists and designers to constantly push the envelope. One of these racers, IBM, has just taken a huge step forward in their ability to store information. They are working on a way to store data on a single atom.

As it stands, one single bit of data is stored on around 100,000 atoms. The idea of being able to more densely pack this information is what IBM has accomplished. What does this mean to the average customer? If they’re successful, you could someday be able to fit 26 million songs on a storage device the size of a penny. It sounds impossible, but it’s not. This would allow you to carry all your personal and business data on something as small as a ring or smartwatch.

Although it’s not in the product development stage yet, the potential is thrilling.

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