Tesla’s Building a HUGE Gigafactory

Factory background with concrete floor, night scene.

If you’ve been listening to the news, you’ve probably heard about the recent push for electric vehicles. Leading this drive is Tesla with their recent release of their most economically priced vehicle to date. This announcement lead customers to pre order these vehicles to capacity, pushing Tesla to find ways to increase their production. Their answer to this demand is the construction of a huge gigafactory located in the Nevada desert.

As we speak, there are over 1,000 individuals working to build the largest building in the entire world based on an overall ground footprint. This Gigafactory is going to be used to build lithium ion batteries on a massive scale. The building will be around 5.8 million square feet and has a projected completion date of 2020. Tesla feels the main deterrent to a larger adoption of electric vehicles is the high cost of lithium batteries. Large scale production of these batteries is expected to cut their cost by 30%.

The Gigafactory is being built with earthquake resistant bracing and as a series of separate structures to further protect against potential catastrophic events. Built low to the ground, and covered by solar panels, the design is eco friendly and nice to look at. When completed, the shape will resemble a diamond pointing true north

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