Tips for Freeing Up Storage Space on your Xbox One

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The Xbox One comes with a 500GB hard drive, which is fairly large, but games are also getting much larger. For example, even with a physical disc, Halo: the Master Chief collection takes up at least 62GB. With games this large, finding ways to free up more space is as important as ever.

Think Outside the Box

One simple way to create more storage space is to purchase an external hard drive dedicated to your Xbox One. You can plug this drive into your Xbox with a USB cable, allowing you to install games to the external drive. By connecting a 2TB hard drive to your Xbox, you can more than quadruple your space, plus increase the speed at which your games load.

Remove Excess Apps and Games

If you want to know how much space your games are taking up on your drive, go to “my games & apps.” On the menu select “sort by size.” This will show you how much space each game is using and how much available storage space you have. From here you can delete any games or apps you don’t need anymore by selecting an individual game, then pressing “menu” and “manage game.” To completely delete it, select “manage all,” then “uninstall all.”

If you think you might want to play the game sometime in the future, don’t worry. Your games are synchronized with Microsoft’s servers, even if you don’t have a Xbox Live Gold subscription. If you choose to reinstall the game later on, your save game data should be downloaded from the servers and restored back onto your console. If you want to uninstall games, we recommend you do the ones you have on disc before the digital games. If you uninstall a digital game, then reinstall it later, you’ll have to re-download the entire game, which is much more time consuming.

Screenshots and Video Clips

There’s no way to know how much space is used up by these, but you can delete these just to be safe. Go to “my apps & games,” then “apps,” and finally “game dvr.” Delete any shots or clips you don’t want anymore. Afterwards, you can look at the main storage screen to see how much space was freed up.

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