Top 10 FREE Vonage Features

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  1. Voicemail Plus

It is now possible to check your voice messages without even being near your phone. You can use your Vonage Web account to access and listen to all your messages through your computer. You can also enable e-mail notifications letting you know when you have received a new message with the message attached. You can save your messages to your computer or e-mail them to friends and business associates

  1. Caller ID Block

With Vonage Caller ID Block, you can dial *67 before any call to withhold your information from anyone you call. Now you can finally get a hold of those people that are avoiding you.

  1. Vonage Extensions™

Vonage Extensions™ allows you to extend your Vonage calling plan to an additional phone, including mobiles.

  1. SimulRingSM

Vonage SimulRingSM can ring your Vonage phone number and up to 5 others as well, regardless of who the phone provider is. All of the numbers will ring enabling you to pick up regardless of where you are

  1. 3 Way Calling

3-Way Anywhere on the Planet. Vonage 3-Way Calling enables you to connect with two other phone. lines simultaneously. At three parties can talk at the same time.

  1. Call Transfer

With Vonage, Call Transfer lets you direct calls anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Upon picking up a call, you can immediately transfer it to any phone you would like.

  1. Ring Lists

Now you can point your Virtual and Toll Free Plus numbers to multiple Vonage lines. You can also specify how these lines will answer calls. Ring lists help you control how incoming calls are answered.

  1. Repeat Dialing

Repeat Dialing will continually call back a number for 30 minutes. It is very easy to use.

  1. Call Hunt

Are you waiting for an important call, but stuck on the line with someone else? With Call Hunt you don’t have to worry about it. If you have multiple lines on your Vonage account, when someone calls the line you are using, it will be automatically sent to one of your other lines.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Just enable Vonage Do Not Disturb to have all incoming calls go straight to voicemail without a single ring.

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