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We’ve been using Vonage World for awhile now and man, isn’t it great. It’s been reliable, the call clarity has been excellent, and best of all, it’s so affordable that paying the bill every month is near pleasurable. I’ve only had one problem personally so far. The problem is that I’m not always at home, sometimes I need to make an international call on the run. Well, Vonage has just come out with Vonage World Mobile which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s Vonage World, for your mobile phone!

Let’s get some of the basic facts and concerns out of the way. It’s $24.99 a month and you also get to save $10 a month on your Vonage World home plan if you are using both. Using the mobile plan you can call all the same countries for free that you can with the home plan and get great rates on calling countries that aren’t free yet.

Vonage World works with Blackberry, iPhones, iPodĀ  Touch, and Android OS phones. It will work with your current mobile plan. Vonage World is a mobile app. You use it by dialing directly without having to enter pins or other special prefixes.

Even being able to use an iPod Touch as a phone is especially neat. To use with an iPod Touch, you must be connected to wifi. You can also use the iPhone over wifi to make Vonage calls without using minutes. Blackberry and Andriod OS phones automatically recognize when you are making an international calls and route the call through the Vonage network.

This new service will certainly be useful for a variety of people, but especially for those who travel often, or find themselves constantly behind the wheel.

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