Why are Millennials Obsessed with Smartphones?


Unlike previous generations, millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips. From flat screens to touch screens, iPads to iPhones, and everything going digital, it’s no wonder they use technology like it’s always been a part of life. With the huge variety of devices to choose from, why do they like smartphones the most? Here are 5 good reasons smartphones are their prefered device.

High Tech Camera

Not only can smartphones takes pictures, they can send them instantly to friends, post them on social media forums, and edit photographs just about any way you like. You can also use your camera to deposit checks and do other types of digital banking.

Social Media Hub

Every type of social media can be found through a smartphone app, allowing you to keep in touch with anyone you like, send messages, pictures and videos instantaneously, and keep up with the news. In fact, millennials are more likely to be on their smartphone than on their laptop.

TV On-the-Go

Smartphones are now being used as miniature televisions you can take anywhere you go. People watch shows and videos while they’re on a bus ride, waiting in line, or even at home. With more media outlets making their shows more easily accessible on smartphones, it’s no wonder more people are using their devices like televisions.

Shopping and Commerce

As it currently stands, 59% of millennials use mobile devices to check store prices, 62% use their smartphones for online shopping, and 30% make purchases on their smartphones. These are huge numbers, and stores are taking notice by adding easy to use apps as fast as they can.

Information Source

Smartphones are very helpful when you need to look up a friend’s address, find out if it’s going to rain later on in the day, or when a certain store will close. It’s like a library, address book and phone book all in one. With a few swipes you can find just about any answer you’re looking for.

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