You Kid’s Android Phone could be Controlled Remotely

Group of young girls and a boy playing in the phone, smiling and laughing. Children learn new technologies

If you have a kid with a smartphone, do you worry about what they’re looking at online, where they go with their friends, or the kind of texts they’re sending? As a parent it’s hard to know where to draw the line between freedom and protection. Technology is essential for school and social networking these days, which is why Google has come up with a way to help parents keep their kids safe with their electronic devices.

Family Link is something that can be installed on an Android phone that allows you to monitor what apps your kids are downloading. It also allows you to see how much time they’re spending on their phone, and even set time limits. You can even see the phone to automatically lock itself. Last but not least, you can know the location of the smartphone in case your kid doesn’t tell you where they’re going.

Although it’s currently only available in the US, if customers like what they see, it could spread to other countries.

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