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Do you know how much Vonage World can save you?

If you're paying more than $30/month for your home phone service, you're paying too much! Vonage uses the power of the internet to deliver exceptional phone service for a fraction of the cost of traditional land line phone service. Plus, Vonage World® includes calls to 60+ countries, including Brazil!

Vonage World® Plan Details

Includes unlimited** local and long distance calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Calls to 60+ countries included! This is a great offering from Vonage, a powerful long distance calling plan. You can call around the world (within the 60+ countries covered in the plan) and talk for an unlimited amount of time**. For this reason alone, we recommend Vonage over all othe calling plans...period. Use our exclusive International Call Calculator to see just how much you'll save using the Vonage World plan.

Plan Pricing:

No Annual Contract Best Value!
With 1-Year Agreement
Price per month (plus taxes & fees) $27.99 $14.99
for first 6 months
(then $27.99)
Activation Fee ($9.99 value) $0.00 $0.00*
Shipping $9.95 $0.00*
Vonage Box™ ($79.99 value) $0.00 $0.00
First Year Savings With 1-year Agreement --- You Save

Plan Features:

  • Calling rates to landline phones in Brazil: $0.00/min
  • Calling rates to mobile phones in Brazil: $0.21/min
  • Includes unlimited** local and long distance domestic calling
  • Includes calling to 60+ countries (including Canada & Mexico)
  • Includes calling to mobile phones in 10 countries (great low rates to others)
  • Get the same rates from home or the Vonage Extensions® app
  • Make calls from and receive calls to your home number on your smartphone with the Vonage Extensions® app
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Tons of standard features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Block, 3-way Calling, SimulRing.
  • Unlimited incoming and Vonage-to-Vonage calls
  • Keep your current number
  • Receive voicemail transcriptions and audio to your email with Voicemail Plus
  • Tons of standard features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Block, 3-way Calling, SimulRing.
  • Portability - Take your Vonage adapter anywhere there's a high-speed Internet connection and use your service just like at home
  • No annual contract required
  • Vonage Phone Adapter
  • FREE activation (a $9.99 savings)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Vonage World® is a great way to save money and take control back.

The #1 VOIP Phone Service Provider

How much will you save on calls to Brazil with Vonage World?

The proof is in the numbers! If you really want to see how voip service, and Vonage in particular, can save you money on calls to Brazil, take a look at the phone service comparison table and see how much Vonage service can save you over traditional land line provider plans.

Company / Plan Rate Plan Fees 30 min Call
Vonage World®$0.00/min. $0.00 $0.00
Vonage North America$0.01/min. $0.00 $0.30
AT&T Worldwide Occasional Calling$2.38/min. $1.29 $71.40
AT&T Worldwide Value Calling$0.15/min. $5.99 $4.50
Verizon International Choice Plan$0.17/min. $0.00 $5.10
CenturyLink International Base Rates$2.06/min. $0.00 $61.80
CenturyLink Choice International Rates$0.15/min. $4.00 $4.50

Note that this international rate calculator was accurate as of 3:04 pm CDT on August 8, 2016. Calls to mobile phones may have higher rates. Landline provider rates may have changed since the last update. However, this tool gives a good representation of expected savings with Vonage phone service.

Service Requirements

To get the best experience from your Vonage service, you'll need the following items.

  • A high speed internet connection (cable, DSL, or satelite) - Vonage does not provide this service.
  • Any phone as long as it's touch-tone.
  • A Vonage phone adapter, which connects to your high speed internet connection.
  • A web browser to access and modify features within your Vonage account.
  • A qualified Vonage account and plan.
  • A United States or Puerto Rico address.
  • A willingness to spend less money on your phone bill.

Vonage World® is a great way to save money and take control back.

The #1 VOIP Phone Service Provider

Customer Comments

Vonage Home Phone Anywhere awesome!

Vonage Extensions® App allows you to use your Vonage home phone anywhere.

Home Phone Anywhere

Answer calls to your Vonage number with your smartphone using the Vonage Extensions App.

Wi-Fi Calling

Use Vonage Extensions App to get free Wi-Fi calling (standard data rates may apply).

Vonage has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Excellent call quality, tons of calling features, huge savings!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vonage

Please take a few moments to get up to speed on some commonly asked questions about Vonage phone service. A more comprehensive list of commonly asked questions can be found here.

In most cases, when switching over to Vonage, you can keep your existing phone number, regardless of who your previous phone company was. To ensure that you can keep your existing number, double check by entering your area code and prefix on the availability page during sign up.

To set up and enjoy Vonage in your home or office you need the following things:

  1. A high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL
  2. Any phone as long as it's touch-tone
  3. United States or Puerto Rico address
  4. A Vonage phone adapter which will be sent to you free
  5. A willingness to spend less money on your phone bill ;o). You will receive your Vonage hardware in 5 business days or less after signing up. To get started, all you need to do is hook up you phone to the internet using the adapter. From there, pick up the phone and start making calls.

Absolutely. Luckily your internet cable can carry much more data than you use at once. This leaves plenty of extra space for Vonage. If you are downloading heavy amounts of data, it is possible that the quality of Vonage will be slightly diminished. To solve this you can configure downloads to use minimum bandwidth when you are on the phone. Customers are extremely satisfied with the quality and clarity of Vonage.

Yes. Vonage functions normally even if you computer is turned off. Vonage does use the internet, but making calls does not use your computer. The Vonage adapter will do all the work. Just hook it up to your modem and Vonage can access the internet directly.

The adapter is the connection between your internet and your land line phone. When you sign up with Vonage, one is sent to you in the mail. For more information please click on the link for the Vonage Phone Adapter.

High Speed Internet connections such as Cable, DSL, Fios, Satellite (90kbps upload and download speed required), Fiber Optic will all work with Vonage.