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Is your connection fast enough for Vonage? In order for Vonage to work correctly your internet connection must be fast enough. If you have Cable or DSL high speed internet, then don't worry, your speed is fast enough. If you don't have Cable or DSL internet service, please use the speed test below to determine whether or not you can use Vonage phone service.

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The Ookla Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Speeds can vary from time to time. Run the internet speed test periodically to get an overall average speed.

How Much Speed do I need for Vonage Service?

Vonage states that your internet connection speed should be 90kbps or greater for Vonage to work properly. Any DSL or Cable connection provides sufficient speed for Vonage service.

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About VoIP Connection Speed Requirements

High Speed

VoIP uses your internet connection to make calls. As such, you need to have sufficient speed to accomodate both regular internet traffic and VoIP phone calls. Virtually all DSL and Cable internet services provide the required speed.

Vonage provides a feature called "Bandwidth Saver" than enables you to adjust the amount of bandwidth used for VoIP service. This puts you in control of your VoIP call quality and your regular internet connection speed when Vonage is in use.

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