Vonage Features

Vonage has a ton of features! With all the standard features Vonage offers, you won't miss you old landline. Of course you get the standard Call-Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID Block and 3-Way Calling. But you also get Vonage Voicemail Plus, V-Forecast for weather updates, Vonage Click-2-Call and more. Here are details on Vonage's popular features.

Now You Can Receive Messages By E-mail or Web

Have constant access to your important messages. With Vonage Voicemail you can have absolute control over your voicemail messages in more ways than just through your phone.

Listen to Voicemail Messages From Your Email & Online

It is now possible to check your voice messages without even being near your phone. You can use your Vonage Web account to access and listen to all your messages through your computer. You can also enable e-mail notifications letting you know when you have received a new message with the message attached. You can save your messages to your computer or e-mail them to friends and business associates

Don't Pick Up Until You Know Who's Calling

There is no need to pick up the phone for those pesky telephone marketers. With Vonage Caller ID you can always know who is on the other line. Vonage's Caller ID feature is compatible with any regular Caller ID. Now you can see the name and number of just about everybody that calls.

There are other benefits to using Vonage Caller ID. When a voicemail is received by your e-mail account the name and number of the person who left the message is displayed in the message.

Vonage Caller ID even functions with Call Waiting.

Caller ID Is Free With Vonage

Most phone companies charge a fee for Caller ID. Luckily with Vonage there is no such extra fee! Vonage Caller ID comes free with even the most basic Vonage plan.

Now you can hide your number from those you call.

With Vonage Caller ID Block, you can dial *67 before any call to withhold your information from anyone you call. Now you can finally get a hold of those people that are avoiding you.

Blocking Your Number is Easy

Follow the simple steps below to block your number from somebody's Caller ID

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Dial *67.
  3. Dial the number when you hear the dial tone again.
Privacy Protection

Caller ID block is perfect for when you need to get in touch with someone, but you do not want them to have your number or be able to call you back. CallerID Block is free to use.

With Call Forwarding you can forward your calls to up to 6 different numbers. Forward your calls to any number in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada. Call Forwarding is also a free feature.

Take Control

You can use your Vonage Web Account to control how you want to set up your Call Forwarding. You can decide how many times you want the phone to ring before it forwards and how long it rings the phone which the call is being forwarded too. You can even decide which voicemail you would like to ultimately take the call.

Call Forwarding is Included at No Extra Charge

Call Forwarding and SimulRingSM are available to you for free at no extra charge. Forwarded calls are treated as outgoing calls so if you are not using an unlimited plan, you will pick up overage charges if you go over your allotted monthly minutes.

Vonage Extensions™ allows you to extend your Vonage calling plan to an additional phone, including mobiles. As a standard feature, get one free Extension™ per Vonage line. Add a second Extension™ for just $4.99/mo (plus tax) - not available with the World Premium Unlimited plan.

Always Reachable with SimulRingSM

Vonage SimulRingSM can ring your Vonage phone number and up to 5 others as well, regardless of who the phone provider is. All of the numbers will ring enabling you to pick up regardless of where you are.

Because your safety is Vonage's Priority

Vonage provides an effective way to call emergency services when you need them. Since VoIP 911 calls do not work the same way regular home phone 911 calls do, we have created a safe and simple alternative. When signing up for Vonage service, you will be asked for the address where you will be using the service. With this information on file, when you call 911, your information will be immediately available to the dispatcher.

Just about every Vonage customer, excepting those who use Wi-Fi or other mobile services, have 911 or Enhanced 911. E911 is what can instantly deliver your information to the emergency operator at the correct station. With this information the operator knows where you are and how to call you back if needs be.

If you live in a place where the emergency center does not have the necessary technology to bring up your information, you will have Vonage basic 911 service. The dispatcher in this case will need you to give them your information before they know where you are located or how to call you back. When a call center becomes capable of receiving the information of our customers, we will upgrade your service to E911 automatically.

For the few customers that are not able to have 911 or E911 access, your 911 calls will be received by the Vonage National Emergency Call Center. The Vonage agent responding will gather the appropriate customer information and then forward the customer to their proper local call center. You will need to be able and prepared to give you information to this Vonage Agent.

Every Vonage phone line you have must have a physical location registered to it. It is important to know that if you move you must follow the simple process to change the address associate with your phone lines. Failure to do this will result in emergency services receiving the information from your former place of residence. Remember that when you initially register with Vonage, you will fill out your current information. Once the forms are filled out, the authentication process can take up to a few hours. Upon completion you will be notified that your 911 or E911 has been activated via e-mail

Also important to remember is that all SoftPhone or Wi-Fi 911 calls will be sent to the Vonage National Emergency Response Center, regardless of what information you have on file.

It is important to know that if there is an internet outage or a power outage Vonage will not function. This means that during these times it will be impossible to reach emergency services through your Vonage line.

Call any Vonage subscriber anywhere.

In-Network Calls, or in other words, Vonage to Vonage calls, are totally free regardless of plan or location. With any Vonage plan you can call anybody else with Vonage anywhere in the world, including international calls, and it is included in your plan.

You can even buy 2 Vonage lines and give one away. You will be able to call that person and talk for as long as you want because In-Network calls do not use up your minutes.

3-Way Anywhere on the Planet

Vonage 3-Way Calling enables you to connect with two other phone lines simultaneously. At three parties can talk at the same time.

3-Way Calling is easy.

  1. Call the first person.
  2. When they pick-up, press flash and call the second person.
  3. When the second person picks up, press flash once more and all three phones will be connected

There are no extra fees or charges incurred when making a 3-Way call in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. However, with international calls, the regular international rates apply.

3-Way calls are registered as 2 calls happening simultaneously for billing reasons.

Vonage has Call Waiting which lets you put a call on hold in order to pick up a second incoming call.

Call Waiting is Easy to Use

When you are talking on the phone and you receive a second incoming call, you will hear a beep letting you know someone else is calling in. You can glance at the Caller ID to see who is trying to call in. If you want to take the second call, simply press flash, otherwise voicemail will pick up the call.

Turning Call Waiting Off

Turning off Call Waiting is really easy. You can turn it permanently off by logging into your online Vonage account. If you want to simply disable call waiting for a single call press *70 then dial the phone number. At the end of the call, Call Waiting will reactivate. Call Waiting is a free Vonage feature.

You can now pick an area code anywhere in the country with Vonage. If you live in Los Angeles, but need a New York area code so your friends and business associates there can call you local, no problem! Use any area code you need.

Anywhere You Go

Now you never have to leave home without your home phone! You can take it with you on a trip or even when you move. Anywhere that there is a high-speed internet connection you can receive calls to your home phone number.

Take it Where You Go

Vonage phone adapters are portable and small. Taking Vonage anywhere is easy. All you have to do is unplug the Vonage adapter and take it with you. Plug it into any high-speed internet connection, hook a phone up to it, and start making calls! Don't forget to update your 911 information when you are not at home.

Keep Your Number When You Move

Just because you are moving doesn't mean you should be forced to give up your phone number. You Vonage number is programmed into the adapter, not your house, so now keeping your number is easier than ever.

Get local weather when you need it.

Stay on top of the weather with Vonage V-Forecast. You can get your local or 5 day forecast over the phone. It's powered by Accuweather.com. Also use it to stay on top of important severe weather advisories. Use it to check the weather in any United States zip code.

V-Forecast is Simple

Vonage makes getting the weather simple.

  1. From a Vonage phone dial 700-WEATHER (700-932-8437).
  2. Enter a 5 digit United States Zip Code.
  3. Listen to the weather forecast.

Now the weather is always at your fingertips.

With Vonage, Call Transfer lets you direct calls anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Upon picking up a call, you can immediately transfer it to any phone you would like.

Transferring Calls is Simple

Transferring calls to a third party is very easy.

  1. Press the flash button on your phone
  2. Press #90.
  3. Dial the number of the phone you want to transfer the call to.
  4. Hit #.
  5. The call will then be transferred when you hang up.
Call Transfer is Free

Of course, like always, there is no extra charge for this useful Vonage feature.

Did you barely miss another call? With Call Return from Vonage, you can now dial *69. The missed call will be automatically returned. *69 is free with Vonage and the call is treated as a regular outbound call. When you use Call Return a voice will say the last number that called, and the time and date of the call. Then you will be asked if you would like to call back that number. This way there are no accidents of calling back the wrong people.

You Click, We Call

Save Time With Click-2-CallSM

Click-2-Call is a real time saver. This Vonage feature enables you to click a phone number anywhere on your computer and then have it automatically dialed. Click a number, your phone will ring, pick it up, and be connected!

Click-2-CallSM is Free! Compatible with computers with Windows 98 or higher. Not supported by Mac yet.

Ring Multiple Lines With Your Vonage Virtual or Toll Free Plus Line

Now you can point your Virtual and Toll Free Plus numbers to multiple Vonage lines. You can also specify how these lines will answer calls. Ring lists help you control how incoming calls are answered. Using you web account you can change ring properties between the following options:

  • Random Dialing
  • Sequential Dialing
  • BlastMeSM
Random Dialing

Random Dialing dials number on your list in a random order.

Example: It's might not be practical in your situation to call a list from top to bottom everytime. To achieve a better balance between numbers at the top and bottom of your list, use random dialing.

Sequential Dialing

Use Sequential Dialing to call every number on a list in order.

Example: You are waiting for an important call and you have given that person your virtual number. You can add multiple Vonage lines (up to 10) to this one virtual number. These 10 lines will ring in sequential order until you pick one of them up. Never feel nervous again about missing an important call.


BlastMeSM is a very popular ring option. BlastMeSM will ring every number on your list at the same time. The call will be connected to the first person that picks up.

Example: You are expecting a call that must be picked up immediately. You cannot miss that call under any circumstances, so you use BlastMeSM. With this option you ring all the numbers on your list at the same time. You can pick up whichever line is closest to you.

How Ring Lists Work

Ring Lists are free with all Vonage plans with no extra charges. In order to make a Ring List, you need to have a Toll Free Plus number or a Virtual number and a minimum of two physical Vonage lines with the same Vonage account.

Using Vonage International Call Block

Have you ever picked up the phone just to realize that somebody from Russia dialed a wrong number. It can be a costly mistake! Now with Vonage, you can choose to block unintended national calls.

Easy to Activate
  1. Sign into your Web Account
  2. Navigate to the "Features" tab.
  3. Set up "International Call Block" according to your personal specifications.

International Call Block is offered by Vonage as a free feature.

Stop Wasting Time

Dialing a busy line over and over is annoying and time consuming. Repeat Dialing will now do it for you.

Repeat Dialing will continually call back a number for 30 minutes. It is very easy to use. When you dial a number and get a busy signal complete the following steps.

  1. Dial #5
  2. When you hear the beep, hang up.

Right when the line being called becomes free, your phone will ring. When you pick up, you will be connected with that number.

Make Other Calls While Waiting

You can still use your phone line to make other calls when repeat dialing.

Another Feature So You Don't Miss Important Calls

Are you waiting for an important call, but stuck on the line with someone else? With Call Hunt you don't have to worry about it. If you have multiple lines on your Vonage account, when someone calls the line you are using, it will be automatically sent to one of your other lines. You can choose the order you wish.

Setting up Call Hunt is Easy
  1. Sign into your Vonage Web Account.
  2. From the dashboard, navigate to the "Features" tab.
  3. Click on "Call Hunt".
  4. Set up the order you would like Call Hunt to call your available lines.

You can turn Call Hunt on or off anytime you would like. It is also easy to change the call sequence of Call Hunt or add or remove lines whenever needed.

Call Hunt works anywhere, even when you are traveling around the world. Just have your Vonage adapter with you and you will never miss a call.

A Better Level or Service

Call Hunt is included at no extra charge in all Vonage plans. The only requirement is to have multiple lines on the same account.

Do You Need Quiet Time?

Just enable Vonage Do Not Disturb to have all incoming calls go straight to voicemail withough a single ring.